Q: What is polished concrete?
A: Polished concrete is a mechanical process in which the concrete is ground and polished to various levels.

Q: How is the concrete protected after it has been polished?
A: The concrete is sealed with an over the top water based or solvent based sealer. Alternately a penetrating sealer may be used.

Q: Is it possible for all concrete to be polished?
A: Normally it is. But with some badly damaged or old concrete it may not possible to achieve the desired results. We will advise you if we think this may happen.

Q: When is the best time to have my concrete polished?
A: When polishing new concrete 6-7 days after it has been laid, it is ground and polished to a certain stage. We will then return and complete the work before the skirting, and other fittings are installed and the final painting is completed. For old or existing concrete in renovations prior to the final fit out and painting.

Q: Can exterior concrete and pool surrounds be polished?
A: Yes they can be. Normally a slip resistance sand or glass bead is added to the sealer.

A: HiPPERFLOOR is a concrete floor finishing system that enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion of concrete floors while reducing maintenance, and can be used on a wide range of new or old construction.

Q: Do you place the concrete on new jobs?
A: No, we can recommend several concrete contractors who are experienced in laying concrete to be polished.

Q: Can concrete be polished that has a existing floor covering?
A: Normally it can be. We will carefully remove any hard floor covering.ie. Tiles, timber etc.

Q: Is polished concrete expensive?
A: Generally it is the same if not less expensive than tiles and other types of flooring.

Q: Can the cost vary?
A: Yes it may do. Age and hardness of the concrete, site access, amount of hand work can cause the cost to vary.

Q: Will the job take long?
A: This depends on several factors (e.g. hardness of concrete, amount of edge work, size of area to be polished. Interference of other trades.

Q: What should I know before during the planning stage of the job?
A: Choose plain or coloured concrete, choice of aggregate (stone) in mix, inclusion of coloured glass or other decorative additives in surface, brass, copper, aluminium or other types of metal strips in bedded in the concrete.

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